Quid Manor Ghent B.V.

Our Philosophy

Our Customers

Manor Ghent has since the beginning been organised so as to fill a certain need in the powder coating application and the installation business.

The big players in the market could/can not pay attention to those particular needs, as the powder coating business is a rather recent business ( It all started in the 70’s), based on knowledge/experience and the ability to give decent advice to the end user and give service, advice and support after the commissioning. Creating such an organisation, Nico Smets decided to keep the cost structure of Manor Ghent low, so that there is time to learn to understand the needs of the customer before installing and to pay attention to formation and service after installing.

Doing so, Manor Ghent has been mounting with its partners several installations of different sizes all over Europe. In the beginning we were entitled to be “a one-man show”. Today the customers know Manor Ghent is the missing link between several decent and experienced partners ( Production partners for guns, ovens, booths, conveyors, pretreatment systems ).

This means the “one-man show” is actually a guarantee for bringing together the best partners for the end user’s powder coating solution.

But only “Manor Ghent” customers understand. Sorry.

Some references of the last two decades :

2001-2002 :

Berl, Contern, Luxemburg
De Buren Coating, Tholen, The Netherlands
Ijsfabriek Strombeek, Strombeek, Belgium
Virtus, Mechelen, Belgium
Massive Poland, Września, Poland
BBK, Ede, The Netherlands
Massive Czech Republic, Litovel, Czech Republic
Bax Coating, Valkenswaard, The Netherlands, nowadays LOA Wilmink

2003 -2004 :

Cymaco, Willebroek, Belgium
CSI, Raamsdonksveer, The Netherlands, nowadays Stamhuis, Zaltbommel, The Netherlands
AMR, Elsenheim, France
Punch, Namestovo, Slovakia
Design Corporel, Salomé, France
Fluid Management, Woerden, The Netherlands

2005-2006 :

Van Helmont, Veldhoven, The Netherlands
Massive Hungary, Tamasi, Hungary
Koppers Coatings, Montfoort, The Netherlands, nowadays EK Coatings
Alulack Boortmeerbeek, Belgium
Wouters, Bladel, The Netherlands, nowadays MCK
Cymaco, Willebroek, Belgium
Hodij Coatings, Eersel, The Netherlands
Wijcosy, Bladel, The Netherlands
De Merwede, De Meern, The Netherlands

2007-2010 :

BBK, Ede, The Netherlands
MKI, Sittard, The Netherlands
Metavan, Wielsbeke, Belgium
Tilcoating, Tilburg, The Netherlands
CRH, Houthalen, Belgium
Ursus, Eeklo, Belgium, nowadays Avista
Plooijer, Zaandam, The Netherlands
AV Mekaniek, Sleidinge, Belgium
PC-Las, Raamsdonksveer, The Netherlands

2011 – 2021 :

Strabeko, Tilburg, The Netherlands
Cymaco, Willebroek, Belgium
Alulack, Courcelles, Belgium
Wijcosy, Bladel, The Netherlands
Stamhuis, Zaltbommel, The Netherlands
BM Polish, Schoten, Belgium
Poli Protect, Lievegem, Belgium
Molcon Interwheels, Dendermonde, Belgium
Zaffer, Zaventem, Belgium
Metavan Reels, Wielsbeke, Belgium
Lemmens, Boechout, Belgium
Ijsfabriek Strombeek, Meise, Belgium
Bogaerts, Hoogstraten, Belgium
Depa Ramen, Eeklo, Belgium, nowadays Avista
KS Verlichting, Zwaagdijk-Oost, The Netherlands
RAL, Eeklo, Belgium
Metalclean, Hofstade, Belgium
LAKK, Brugge, Belgium
MCK, Bladel, The Netherlands
Nordson France, Belgium, Holland

and many more single application guns….

Independent Entrepreneur of the year 2002