A man’s Life



Nico is in the powder coating business since 1988. He was hired in 1988 by Dr. Franiau, head of the Oxyplast R&D division in Ghent, Belgium. Mr. Bernard and Daniel Libert sent Nico to Istanbul to technically assist Oxyplast Turkey. That week was very decisive : The “Trouble Shooter” virus was injected. No vaccination has ever helped.

In 1990 Mr. Frans Vervenne, founder of Nippon Static, hired Nico to assist him for the sales in Benelux. The business approach was a second decisive turning point in Nico’s life. The “Entrepreneur” was born at the age of 27.

In 1992 Nico founded Estee Industries together with Rudy T’Jolleyn, a former Gema technician. Estee is still a respectable player in the powder coating business.

In 1997 Nico decided to proceed the co-operation with Insa from Switserland ( produced by GDF from Spain ) and that very year Manor Ghent BVBA was born. Estee Industries went on with Wagner, without Nico.

In 2003 Nico was rewarded as ” Independent entrepreneur of the Year 2002 ” Manor Ghent made during a decade a yearly overall turnover of more than 1.000.000 Euros.

As a man’s life is still important to live, Manor Ghent has reduced slightly some activities, but is still very successful in the equipment business ( complete systems ). Nico tries to satisfy the long lasting relations and is still eager to deal with difficult application issues and to build one or two complete powder coating installations a year. Being a Nordson TPSO since 2013, Nico has the best powder coating gun of the market in his hands, as the Nordson pinch valve or dense phase technology is far the best application technology of the market at this moment.

Nico is nowadays a team player, sometimes the coach. The one and only captain of Manor Ghent, but very close with and thankful to the interesting persons he met since 1988. Nico was lucky to be involved – by hasard- into the coating business and to meet loyal customers and suppliers.

He thanks all of them